Broadcast Networking Services

  • Broadcast Network Services

    Connect with briteluxe Connect for your broadcast studio, stadium or arena center jobs that are utilizing a fiber backbone and integrated fiber network. Our broadcast cable supplier is a Canare certified manufacturer of hybrid copper/fiber broadcast cables including:

    • SMPTE 311M and 304M Assemblies
    • Broadcast Assemblies
    • Camera Cable Assemblies
    • Hybrid Camera Cable Assemblies
    • Field Installation
    • Termination and Splicing of Fiber panels
    • SMPTE HDTV Camera Fiber Cable Installation and Termination.  
    • Optical fiber cable installation, splicing, testing, and termination of the optical fibers and copper conductors in SMPTE broadcast cables.
    • Products installed include Canare
      COU HFO Camera Connector Panel Units.necessary to properly diagnose and repair all types of hybrid copper/
      fiber camera assemblies.